Octagon 17 | Vémola is back, the champion Kozma defended the title after the fight

Sport.cz, Oktagon MMA

In the first round, fans saw Vémol in a cage as everyone knows him. After a minute, he managed to throw Nora and for another four minutes he fully controlled the match. In the second round, the opponent was on his back after only ten seconds, although he was writhing, Vémola did not have an easy job, but the points went to Terminator in this round as well.

At the beginning of the third round, Vémola recognized a few hard shots that shook him, Robertsen had hope for a few seconds, but the Czech wrestler took the match to the ground. Classic, he was safe here. After a minute it was done, Nor knocked on the north south choke “It was one of my worst performances in Octagon, but I needed this victory, Terminator is back. Victory is important, now it’s Baba Jaga’s turn (Václav Mikulášek), it will be an easy fight, the first round of TKO said Vémola after the match.

David Kozma – Maté Kertesz, this pair owns the final duel. The first two rounds belonged to the Hungarian, who managed to throw the Czech fighter and worked well on the ground. In the third round, the roles turned, taking the reins mostly in Kozma’s position. The next five minutes had the same course, the last round had to decide. After twenty-five minutes, it was not easy to determine the winner, in the end the point judges pointed at Kozma. “I was nervous when it came to points, anything could happen, the coaches said I had it in my pocket, it’s at home,” the Pink Panther breathed.

The first match of the Oktagon 17 tournament ended in the opening round. Pavel Salčák strangled Petr Bartoňka two seconds before the end of the first round, when he took his back, the opponent could not stand and knocked out. “I wasn’t scared, I knew he was more of a wrestler, we had it caught up. I heard there were ten seconds left, I believed it. I took it and it fell there. “

Le Sy vs. Tomáš Abdelmoume Mssaate. This spring weight match ended after three minutes. Le Sy defended himself with a few strangulation, finally knocking the lever to his knee, which the Frenchman put on him.

Štěpán Guba Matěj Kuzník. Guba took the match on Friday and it wasn’t a good choice, he got a big beat when the first round and half of the second round were on his back. “Respect for taking it, on the other hand, I must say that he is young and rude. I wanted to throw him and make him sore. He said let me show him a cuddle, I think he’ll remember this. Lessons for the next time, humility buddy. I am glad that I was able to fight after two years, “said a satisfied Kuzník after the match.

Andrej Kalašnik Ole-Jörgen Johnsen. A shootout in a stance that Kalashnik ended with a knee on his head. Furious pace, where at the end was accurately hit KO “Excellent and tough opponent, respect before him for coming, eight opponents did not work. I’m not here to put photos on the instagram. I’m here to fight, “Kalashnik is already looking forward to the next match.

Vlasto Čepo – Mateusz Strzelczyk. The Pole showed that he is a far more experienced fighter in the MMA, in the second round he threw the Slovak, pounded, went to the winning position, pounded again and then surprised, put on the armbar and Čepo knocked this lever on his hand. “I got a battle today, nothing worked out for me, he was better, he crossed me like a cat. I’ll get better, come back and fight until they kill me. Today I disappointed the people, but I will return stronger, “said Čepo about the defeat.

The OKTAGON MMA organization has another tournament on the program on November 22nd.