Northerners pay off something against Gladbeck

Thursday, 8 p.m., there is a duel at eye level for the northerners. In the hall Oranienstraße you receive table neighbor Gladbecker FC II.

Badminton upper division Sterkrade-Nord has good chances in today’s home game (8 p.m.) against Gladbeck FC II. Team spokesman Marius Wefers: “We are almost complete and at least on paper it could be a tight box.”

Wefers relates this to the closeness in the table, where teams are fourth and fifth. But Benjamin Tzschoppe’s contribution also gives the northerners optimism: “There’s always something in it, it becomes an open box.” In addition to Tzschoppe at Eins, Dave Eberhard, Steffen Triebsees, Johannes Schiebener and David Merz play.

Visitor contingent is exhausted with the teams

In the case of women, there are freely available actors: Marie Schweitzer, Marie Stein and Elina Sonnenschein, the latter of which will probably contest the individual. In the hall on Oranienstrasse 15 people are allowed to play a game, so that the question of visitors does not arise in view of the team strength of seven or eight players. PV




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