Nicklas Bendtner: biography reveals antics of the ex-Arsenal professional

When the name Nicklas Bendter comes up, many have a picture in mind. Namely the Danish professional footballer, stark naked on a garden chair. The center of the body is precisely covered with a folded bra.

Bendtner, who started his career at Arsenal London, played for VfL Wolfsburg in the meantime and has been without a club since January after his commitment in his native Copenhagen, loves to polarize. In the meantime he even had to wear an electronic ankle cuff for beating up a taxi driver.

Lord Bendtner, as his followers have christened him on social media, is now 32 years old. Time for a biography. The published some excerpts from the work entitled “Both Sides” “Daily Mail”. They provide insights into the life of a young man who, according to his own words, has already lived “ten lives”.

Quarrel with Thierry Henry

After Bendtner moved to Arsenal at the age of 16, he was soon allowed to train with the professionals. His youthful recklessness quickly became his undoing. This was also the case during a training session in which the professionals played against the junior team, but each player was only allowed to touch the ball twice.

“I see Thierry Henry touch the ball three times. I call: three touches, ”recalls Bendnter. Pat Rice, assistant coach to Arsène Wenger, yells at the young Dane to keep going. Henry himself turned to Bendnter and just put his finger to his lips.

A difficult relationship: Arsène Wenger (right) regularly despaired of Bendtner’s antics

Quelle: Arsenal FC via Getty Images/Stuart MacFarlane

Shortly afterwards, the talent makes it the same as the superstar: “First the ball hits my heel, then my toe, then I make a pass,” writes Bendtner. “Even though it’s the same move, there is a free kick for the pros. I complain. I believe that everyone should be treated equally. “

Henry, Ashley Cole and Sol Campbell harshly reprimanded the rebellious youngster. The French striker also gave Bendnter a two-hour monologue after the session. “They say you are a great talent, but you still have a few things to learn. Respect and humility. Don’t forget that, Nicklas. When you play with the big boys, they are in charge. All you should do is listen. “

Wild party night ends in the bathtub

After the 1: 3 in the semi-finals of the Champions League, all Arsenal professionals set an alarm clock to appear punctually for training the following day. Except for Bendnter.

“It all starts harmlessly. A few drinks, a meal and then to ‘Boujis’, which is not your typical footballer nightclub. Membership costs £ 500. Prince Harry, an Arsenal fan, is there often. And when he’s there, he comes by for a chat. I am writing to a Danish girl with whom I meet every now and then. I flown them in earlier that day and we agree to meet in the members’ area, ”explains Bendtner.

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The next thing he remembered was his bathtub. “My teeth are chattering and the water is freezing. I’m still wearing clothes and I’ve pulled my leather jacket over my head. My pants are around my knees. Everything is soaked – my shirt, my tie, my jeans, my shoes – but somehow my cell phone still works. “

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Photos on his cell phone told the Arsenal pro that he had danced half-naked in the club. When he tried to go to the bathroom with another girl, he passed out. Club employees eventually had to lead him to the taxi.

“Somebody put something in my glass. They call it “spiking”. That has to be the explanation, ”said Bendtner. Coach Wenger was anything but happy and withholding two weeks’ wages from his striker.

Successful poker night

While Bendtner was fighting at Arsenal to be a permanent starter, he also devoted himself to another passion: poker. Bendtner made expensive memberships in London casinos; including in the posh Les Ambassadeurs Club in Mayfair. There he felt “alive” again.


Bendtner last played for FC Copenhagen in his hometown

Source: AFP via Getty Images / NIELS CHRISTIAN VILMANN

“One night I sit at the poker table and I end up winning £ 220,000. When I walk across the street to my hotel, I have a backpack full of 50 pound notes (vacuum-packed) and I am so full of adrenaline that I can’t sleep, ”Bendtner describes the rush that drew him to the poker table over and over again.

“In the end, I play on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays – every week – from six in the evening to four in the morning. I can’t help it. Instead of going back to the hotel with a cheer, I start crawling into bed and know that I’ve lost 20 grand, 50 or 200. ”

It was only in May that Bendtner admitted to having lost almost seven million euros playing poker in his career. But he never had a gambling problem.




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