The Linz professional football club Blau Weiß is getting a new home. Representatives from the city, state and association presented the winner of the architectural competition for the Donauparkstadion on Wednesday.

The new Donauparkstadion is to be built in the foreseeable future on the bridgehead of the new Linz railway bridge on the warehouse of a large furniture store.

Stadium for 5000 spectators

With a capacity of a little more than 5000 spectators, the new stadium will be exactly the size that FC Blau Weiß Linz needs as a second division and perhaps later in the Bundesliga.

Luger: Appreciation for the urban area

The Mayor of Linz, Klaus Luger (SPÖ), was enthusiastic about the design for the new Donauparkstadion. “Not only football fans and players will feel at home here. This sports facility massively enhances the urban area between the city motorway, the Danube and the busy Danube area, “says Luger. The direct proximity to the tobacco factory
also bring synergy effects in the parking infrastructure. The new
Donauparkstadion is also another highlight in the dynamic transformation of the Linz harbor district into a district of the future, said the mayor.

Magistrate Linz

This is what the new Donauparkstadion should look like across the Danube from Urfahr.

Praise for cooperation between the country and the city

During the joint project presentation, Regional Councilor for Economic and Sports Affairs Markus Achleitner (ÖVP) also emphasized the excellent cooperation between the state of Upper Austria and the city of Linz on the sports infrastructure package and said that Gugl and Donaupark would not be competing stadiums, but complementary ones.

The first games are to take place in 2023

The construction of the Donauparkstadion, the cost of which was not discussed during the presentation, will begin next year. The first games in the new home of FC Blau Weiß Linz will take place in summer 2023.

ÖVP asks about the costs

For the Linz ÖVP Deputy Mayor Bernhard Baier, the presentation of the Donauparkstadion raises more questions than it answers – above all, what costs the city will actually incur, because so far only planning and tendering costs of one million euros have been decided in the municipal council .

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