Myles Garrett wants to reconcile with Mason Rudolph

Myles Garrett He was on track for his best season in his third year as a professional with 10 sacks at quarterbacks, yet a fight with the quarterback. Mason Rudolph during the Steelers-Browns game of Week 10 (2019) sent him home with indefinite suspensiona. The order came from the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, and only he was able to guarantee his return to the field.

After six weeks of suspension at the end of the season, Goodell decided, in February of this year (after the Super Bowl, to guarantee his return to the Browns defensive end.

The incident, in which Garrett tried to hit Rudolph with the passer’s helmet, led to a series of charges between the two teams and a fine to a total of 33 players that totaled $ 732,422 for the league.

Eleven months later, Garrett faces the Pittsburgh team again. Rudolph and the defender will not see each other on the field, unless Ben Roethlisberger needs rest. However, the defender is ready to amend his actions from the tenth game on Thursday night of the previous calendar.

“If it happens, I’m fine with it. Not just fine, but I wouldn’t mind and would be happy for it to happen if there was a way. I don’t know how I would do it, how I would approach it “Garrett stressed to

Garrett has four straight games with at least one sack. At the moment, he is the top team leader with six sacks, followed by Seldon Richardson (2) and Adrian Clayborn (2). Only Aaron Donald, the Los Angeles Rams, has had the best season in that department (7.5) in the entire league.

OBJ, available to visit Heinz Field

This Sunday’s confrontation in Pittsburgh will put two teams against each other. Both the Browns and Steelers have won their last four games of the season.

To continue against all odds in Kevin Stefanski’s first year as manager, the Browns will have the wide receiver. Odell Beckham Jr, who missed the last two practices in Cleveland due to illness.

To do this, OBJ, which accumulates three annotations by air and one by land in five games, underwent tests for covid-19 on consecutive days. Both have been negative.