Melo, the bone of contention between Nuggets & Blazers

The NBA action ended with the Lakers title, however the controversy does not stop. The most recent scandal in social networks was generated when, innocently, the Denver Nuggets shared an image with five players on their Twitter account so that people could choose their favorite in the history of this franchise. Carmelo Anthony was not part of this list, so immediately social networks went crazy.

It is no secret to anyone that the history of the Nuggets would not have been the same without the arrival of Carmelo Anthony to the team in the 2003 Draft, since from that moment on the team returned to the fore, taking them to the Playoffs in each of the seasons in which he wore said shirt. In fact, prior to Melo, the Nuggets had gone eight seasons in a row without reaching the Postseason and it was Melo himself who led them to the Conference Finals in a long time.

For a white glove slap, the Portland Blazers replicated the Nuggets’ dynamic, only they included Carmelo Anthony, even though he’s only been in the franchise for a short time. This is how Melo became the bone of contention between the Nuggets & Blazers, and although many could say that Melo went wrong in Denver, we assume that that does not detract from the legacy he left in the franchise that saw him born.