Mediapro: Le Graët is very worried – Around OM

On October 8, we learned that Mediapro, the main broadcaster of Ligue 1, refused to pay its due date of October 5, i.e. € 172 million. A catastrophic situation for French clubs in general, on which Christmas Le Graët is expressed this Friday in the columns of The team. For the president of the FFF, it is for the survival of professional and amateur football if a solution is not found quickly:

“The situation is extremely complicated for the League. If Mediapro does not keep its commitments, it would create enormous difficulties for the French clubs and even for the selection. The concern is great because, already, the matches are behind closed doors or with 5,000 spectators, the sponsors are worried … it is obvious that the clubs’ cash flow, which was already not very positive at the start of the season, will suffer “.

A concern expressed last week in The Phocaean the former president of OM Christophe Bouchet, evoking the lightness of the decision-makers of French football: “It’s the worst thing that could happen, with the combination of two unexpected factors that are the health crisis and the economic crisis. Regarding Mediapro, we realize that the Italians, who are not more stupid than us, had refused to sign with them. Any student in the first year of economics would have understood that we could not get 25 euros / month from 3.5 million French people (the estimated breakeven point), crisis or not, Moreover. But, club presidents have always been convinced that their martingale was infallible, and we see that the guarantees that have been taken are largely insufficient “.



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