Martin Hinteregger from Eintracht Frankfurt talks about pain

Martin Hinteregger easily shook off what caused a shocking moment at Eintracht Frankfurt last Wednesday evening.

It was the 34th minute in the Nations League duel between Romania and Austria, when the defender was fouled nastily by Ciprian Deac and bent away. After a short break in treatment, he continued and after 53 minutes the defender looked in amazement at the fourth official’s board. Go out? I? National coach Franco Foda had to explain himself.

It was just another example of “Hinti Beinhart”.

A Hinteregger knows no pain

And what was the reason for the substitution? This, too, can only be “typically Hinti”: “At first I thought it was because of my foot. I didn’t know that the referee threatened me with a red card. When I kicked my foot, I thought it was is worse. But for what it looked like, the foot is fine. “

Trainer Adi Hütter gave when asked SPORT1 Final all-clear: “Martin took a blow. He trained regeneratively because he came home late. The player is fine.” His use in the duel between Eintracht and 1. FC Köln (Bundesliga: 1. FC Köln against Eintracht Frankfurt on Sunday from 3.30 p.m. in LIVETICKER) should not be endangered.

A Hinteregger doesn’t know any pain. In his five years as a Bundesliga player, the coach had to do without him only nine times due to injuries. From the outside, the 28-year-old seems a bit lethargic, almost indifferent.

But this impression is wrong, with the kick-off the left foot is fully there. Hinteregger is constantly looking for direct duels, of which he won 57.4 percent on the first three game days. He is tough, but at the same time very fair, to the point. Refusals are not on the list during his time in Germany, Hütter only had to do without him twice because of a yellow card suspension.

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“Hit my head”

What is the secret of the success of this somewhat different professional who plays the accordion in his spare time, likes to hunt, flies helicopters and, as the undisputed audience favorite, has the song “Hinty Army” dedicated to it by the video podcast Fußball2000?

Hinteregger revealed in the Eintracht Frankfurt podcast: “Interestingly, pain is good for me.” I beg your pardon? He opened up further: “The best games were the ones in which I rattled another skull in the third minute. I have no idea what hormones are released in me, but I’m fully there. My body and mine Your head will play along. “

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When in doubt, the defender even puts himself in top form: “I also hit my head once or asked the physio to hit me in the face.” Whereby Hinteregger added with a smile: “But of course only a little with his hand, not with his fist.”

Hütter will not slow Hinteregger

Retreating is not on the agenda of the native Carinthian, he is literally looking for that feeling, that kick: “If I’m in pain, it’s good for my game.” This approach is not recommended for imitation – especially in the age of research into concussions and their long-term effects.

In any case, Hütter will not prevent his compatriot in the future either: “There are players who always want every game. I only brake when I see that the risk of injury is too great.”

With “Hinti Beinhart” the coach doesn’t have to worry about that.