Kawhi Leonard was always a special player. Quiet, introverted, silent. At the Spurs, until the conflict that ended in his departure, his tone of voice was practically unknown. Later, although the way in which he got away from San Antonio changed the consideration that was had of him a lot, he did not get to be so great as to mark him as a complicated character.

In Toronto he spent a year and was champion, and his departure to the Clippers did not make the Canadians too happy, but the temptation to be part of an elite team in one of the two most important cities of the NBA concert in the United States justified it. .

Now, after his first campaign there, with results far from what was expected, a new wave of issues came from before that involve the Rasta. One, perhaps the central one, was the change in status of those who were on the team as leaders before the arrival of Leonard and Paul George. We talk about Pat Beverley, Montrezl Harrell and Lou Williams. According to The Athletic, the three of them did not like the preferential treatment that Leonard received all year, such as choosing games so as not to play to take care of his body and, above all, living in San Diego (his hometown), almost 200 miles from Los Angeles, which caused him to be late many times for team flights.

Although Lue was part of Rivers’ technical staff, he was not the one who made the decisions and he knows exactly how each of these things fell. Now in command, Lue moved fast. He agreed to agree with the managers part of his technical staff and added two soldiers of his liking as assistants: Chauncey Billups and Larry Drew, curiously two former players, also guards like Lue.

Said Lue in an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols: “I think Paul (George) and Kawhi (Leonard) are here to stay a long time. I understand their situation and I think where they want to be is on the Clippers. Just what We have to achieve is that there is a great atmosphere, and we have to win. If you don’t have pressure, it is because you are not in a position to win a championship. When you have chances, then there is pressure. “

Lue also said that among the changes he plans to make, he wants to play faster, with more passes, creating better pace, and without saying it promptly, he hinted that he wants to distribute more offensive responsibilities among the main players: Leonard, George, Harrell, Williams and Morris, for them to make the rest better. “We have to be more united, as one piece.” Of something you can be sure. Lue already dealt with egos on the Cavs, and while LeBron was there, he did well. He signed him to the Clippers, basically, for that, so he won’t dodge the bulge.


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