Liverpool lost Virgil van Dijk for a long time through injury. “The Red” is expected not to make it an excuse all the time.

Van Dijk suffered a Cruciate Ligament injury while defending Liverpool at derby Merseyside against Everton on Saturday (17/10/2020). The injury is thought to have forced the 29-year-old defender to miss months.

Van Dijk’s injury is a topic that continues to be discussed ahead of Liverpool’s visit to Ajax, Thursday (10/22/2020) in the morning WIB. Georginio Wijnaldum was one of the players who discussed it, highlighting Jordan Pickford’s tackle which triggered the injury.

Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp also called the injury difficult to accept. But former 1981-1994 Liverpool defender Steve Nicol thinks it’s time they forget Van Dijk’s injury and focus on looking forward.

“They need to make sure they don’t use Van Dijk’s loss as a crutch. If the players running around or the staff always say ‘Well, if we have Van Dijk or Alisson …’ You can’t be like that. If it’s like that, you’re going to drown,” said Nicol ESPN.

“When you lose a player, regardless of who it is, you have to get rid of him, forget about him and move on. Otherwise you will be in trouble. You can’t do that.”

“After the game when he was injured and you realized ‘OK, we will miss him’ but then you move on. You don’t start, whining may not be the right word, but you don’t start discussing that when you prepare for the match,” he continued.

“Unfortunately, Van Dijk can’t be played and no matter how much you don’t want him, you have to forget about him. Cut him off. That’s the professional way. The only way to do it.”

“Otherwise, everyone will look for a crutch and an excuse. I tell you, the footballers will look for it, I’ve seen it many times,” added Nicol.

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