1. Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado (NED)
    2. Annemarie Worst (NED)
    3. Yara Kastelijn (NED)
    4. Eva Lechner (ITA)
    leading group

    1. Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado (NED)
    2. Annemarie Worst (NED)
    3. Yara Kastelijn (NED)
    4. Eva Lechner (ITA)



The Dutch women are again swaying in cyclocross this season, but they will have special competition in Ruddervoorde. Belgian champion on the road Lotte Kopecky dives into the field for the first time in her career at 1.40 pm.

  1. 13:5413 hours 54. The Dutch promise Manon Bakker is also doing well. She tries to follow in the slipstream of Alvarado, who has started the hunt for Sausage. .
  2. 13:5313 hours 53. Denise Betsema has not yet appeared in the play, but there is now an explanation for this. The Dutch crashed in one of the first corners and is now trying to connect. .
  3. 13:521 pm 52. Sausage makes a crack. Annemiemarie Worst is suddenly gone alone. On a climb the bikes of Alvarado and Kastelijn hook together and it takes a while before they can untangle the knot. .
  4. 13:501 pm 50. To redo everything. The match seemed to be a battle because of Alvarado’s blitz start, but after one round everything can be done again. Alvarado’s crash has brought the field back together. .
  5. 13:48Alvarado down. Alvarado goes down in the sandbox and also stops Sausage. Yara Kastelijn likes to see it happen and turns it into a trio. Eva Lechner cannot benefit (yet). . 13 hours 48.
  6. 13:4713 hours 47. Sanne Cant paddles around in 12th place. Lotte Kopecky, who had to start at the back of the field, has logically not yet entered the picture. .
  7. 13:4613 hours 46. Kastelijn tries. In the first round, the separation is already big. Alvarado sets a scorching pace and breaks the field. Yara Kastelijn frantically tries to join the leading duo. .
  8. 13:4513 hours 45. Annemarie Worst, also second in Gieten, has bitten herself into Alvarado’s wheel. She does not want to be floored again. .
  9. 13:4313 hours 43. Annemarie Worst can follow in the trail of Alvarado. Eva Lechner and Yara Kastelijn are already following at a distance. Sanne Cant has missed her start (yet again). .
  10. 13:4113 hours 41 match started
  11. 13:351.35 pm My expectations? Hard to say. The course suits me, but things have not gone as I had hoped in recent weeks. Sanne Cant.
  12. 13:3313 hours 33. Sanne Cant had some bad luck in the first moto in Gieten. Can she now come to the fore in Ruddervoorde, a route that suits her? .
  13. 13:2413 hours 24. I really wanted to do this. Now that the European Championship track has been canceled, it gave me the opportunity to dive into the field. It’s been 10 years since childhood, so it’s still a long way. Lotte Kopecky.
  14. 12:2612 hours 26. The television crosses were for the time being a prey for the Dutch women. Aniek van Alphen (Lokeren), Lucinda Brand (Kruibeke), Alvarado (Gieten) and Denise Betsema (Beringen) made Orange cheer. Can Sanne Cant stop it? .
  15. 12:2312 hours 23.
  16. 12:2312 hours 23. Who will succeed Alvarado in Ruddervoorde? Ceylin del Carmen Avarado was the best in Ruddervoorde last year and this year is also making a bid for the second moto of the Superprestige. The world champion was already the best in Gieten. .
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