Ligue 2. Valenciennes will file a criminal complaint against Thioune

The president of the VAFC, Eddy Zdziech, had warned. At the end of a meeting held this Sunday, the northern club released a particularly virulent press release following the alleged bite of its goalkeeper Jérôme Prior by Sochalien Ousseynou Thioune on Saturday at the end of the Ligue 2 meeting: “The VAFC is shocked by the gesture of a Sochaux player, guilty of having bitten Jérôme Prior at the end of the match played this Saturday at the Hainaut stadium. The images are terrible and speak for themselves; this inadmissible gesture must be banned from football, greatly damaging its image ”.

But VAFC goes much further following the words of the Sochalien who evokes racist insults and refutes the bite. A criminal complaint will be lodged by the club and the goalkeeper Prior: “The club and the player are even more shocked by the attempt to exonerate the Sochaux player, on the pretext of insults uttered by Jérôme Prior. Insults that have never been uttered. The VAFC gives all its support to its porter, victim of a despicable gesture, then wrongly accused of racist remarks. A criminal complaint for defamation as well as for assault and battery will be filed by the club as well as by Jérôme Prior from Monday morning. An action before the Disciplinary Commission of the LFP will also be brought ”.