The controversial goal scored by Prague goalkeeper Slavia Ondřej Kolář has a successor. Soccer players Paris St. Germain also collected in a repeated Champions League duel from Manchester United from a repeated penalty, when Keylor Navas moved illegally on the first attempt.

That moment is still in living memory. Slavia held a 1: 1 draw against the Danish Midtjylland in retaliation for the last preliminary round of the Champions League, when she had to face a penalty which, in the event of a transformation, would spill over the advancing joy to the opponent’s side.

Ondřej Kolář, however, attempted an attempt among the Slavic sticks, and the euphoria of the people of Prague, in euphoria, continued to meet the football cream and the coveted millions. However, only a few tens of seconds before the referee Damir Skomina had the penalty kick repeated on the instruction of the video referee, because at the time of the execution Kolář was not a few centimeters at least part of one foot on the goal line.

Recall the events in the match in Denmark (penalty situations from 1:57):

The Danes have already transformed the second attempt, Slavia collapsed and said goodbye with a vision of fighting between the elite after losing 1: 4. The heated discussions about the correctness of repeating the penalty did not change anything.

The very first day of the basic groups of the competition brought the same situation in the Paris St. Germain – Manchester United. Home goalkeeper Keylor Navas neutralized Bruno Fernandes’ attempt (by the way, he flew to the same places where Kolář… succeeded), but even the three-time Champions League winner did not keep his feet on the line.

Navas procedure…

… And its violation of the rules

Also in the Park of Princes, the penalty was repeated after the VAR intervention. Unlike Midtjylland, where the unsuccessful executor Sory Kabu was replaced by Alexander Scholz and headed in the opposite direction, Fernandes took the ball again, chose the same place, and because the Costa Rican gloved man risked the other side, Manchester took the lead in the 23rd minute.

The finalist of the last year managed to equalize in the second half, but thanks to the goal from the end of the duel, the “Red Devils” won in the end.


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