Millionaires has reacted in the last two dates of the League and with that, he still has options to qualify for the quarterfinals of the tournament. However, the upcoming calendar is not easy and, in addition, you will have to go to a place where you generally do not do well.

The mix between heat and humidity has always taken its toll on the team capital, that this Sunday night faces the Junior from Barranquilla (8:10 at night, with a Win Sports + signal). That is the place where he is doing the worst, facing the historical ones of the League. He hasn’t won there for six years: the last time, on March 11, 2014 (0-1, goal by Máyer Candelo).

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“The most important game to go looking for is this, because it is the game that can give us that hope of being among the eight. We are going with great enthusiasm, without demeaning Junior, who always arm him to fight for the title, ”said DT Alberto Gamero.

Junior He has just been eliminated from the Copa Libertadores, after losing 3-1 with the substitutes of Flamengo, and now he is getting ready to play in the South American Cup, against Plaza Colonia, from Uruguay. In that same tournament, Millos will face Deportivo Cali. At least the consolation for the Blues is that the game is at night and without an audience, which is also heavy.

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But there is another factor that affects Millionaires a lot: they do not have any side available. Elvis Perlaza is suspended and Andrés Román, Felipe Banguero and Ómar Bertel they are injured. Stiven Vega would be the emergent on the right and Diego Godoy would go on the left.



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