Possibly the debates that people like the most are those that have no possible definitive answer and determining who is the best tennis player of all time seems to be heading towards that. ¿Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal o Novak Djokovic? All the followers of each one have strong arguments to think that “their” player should already be considered the GOAT and in the case of the Serbian, he may be in a position to add one more and very important. And is that being the only one Big 3 ending six seasons at the top of the ranking ATP It is not a trivial question and it can become a notable differentiation in its favor with respect to Swiss and Spanish. So he thinks Jim Courier in words collected by Tennis.com.



“When we try to discern who the GOAT is, it seems that we only talk about the number of Grand Slam won and I think that an aspect as important as number 1 is underestimated. Pay attention to the weeks that it has been in that position and the seasons that have been have ended up being the best in the world should be key aspects to define who is the best in history “, reflected the American, who knows what it is to finish a year at the top of world tennis, having achieved it in 1992, in what the prelude to the historic streak of Pete Sampras that chained six consecutive seasons ending as number 1.

What could prevent Djokovic from perpetuating himself at the top of the rankings?

Jim remembers what his compatriot Pete did well and puts it in context. “What he did in those years is incredible and requires a mental and physical consistency that is difficult to achieve. That feat seems perfectly comparable to what Novak has achieved throughout his career, forging his own history in the same era as Roger and Novak, and above all being able to dominate both at times, “said the American, making it clear that the head to head against Roger and Rafa the Serbian has won. “I think he can stay at number 1 for quite some time if he maintains this level of play. There are only two things that can prevent it: his health and Nadal,” said a Jim Courier whose words about Novak Djokovic they must be taken into account.


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