Is Mike Nolan’s position as the defensive coordinator of

After the Cowboys’ humiliating loss to the Browns, all the criticism is focused on the team’s defensive performance. And is not for less. So far this season, the team has shown a poor performance in this section. And the nearly 50 points scored by Cleveland were the icing on the cake.

Although the team also has its problems on offense, it has shown a better face in this area thanks to three stellar performances from Dak Prescott. However, an offense of more than 30 points per game is useless if the defense allows 40 points or more. So all fingers point to Dallas defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.

Is Nolan at risk of being fired?

Following the poor performance of the western defense, many fans are calling for the dismissal of the Dallas defensive coordinator. Even that the head coach of the Houston Texans Bill O’Brien was fired on Monday raised many voices asking that Nolan be the next in the NFL to lose his position.

However, despite the negative 1-3 record, the Cowboys leadership does not plan to make drastic changes to the coaching staff. Or at least not at the moment. This was revealed by Stephen Jones, executive vice president of the cowboy team, in statements to radio station 105.3 The Fan on Monday.

“We need to improve. We have to work. Now is not the time to think about things like that “ Jones said, when asked about possible changes to the coaching staff. Furthermore, he added: “I am very convinced of this staff and this team, but at this moment we are not playing winning football.

McCarthy backs Nolan

On the other hand, coach Mike McCarthy expressed that he has confidence in Nolan, and that the cowboy team will get out of the bad way that it is traveling.

“Let’s stay the course”said McCarthy, who is aware of the negative situation the team is in. “We are focusing on the details of the things that we have to improve”, added the Dallas coach.

In fact, Mike Nolan himself assumes his responsibility. “We don’t play very well. I am not avoiding the issue at all. We played very badly “declared the Dallas defensive coordinator.

Lack of effort from the players?

On the other hand, the Cowboys have been criticized for an apparent lack of effort from their players on defense. An example of this is the touchdown of Odell Beckham Jr. last Sunday, after a 50-yard dash. In fact, the defense failed incredibly on that play.

However, Mike McCarthy denied that Dallas defensive players have an effort problem. In fact, he declined to make such claims. “You have to be very careful when questioning professional athletes regarding effort. We don’t have an effort problem “said the head coach.

In the same vein, Mike Nolan does not think that there is an effort problem either. In fact, he thinks it is a technical problem. “I think the effort has been good. The problems we had were more technical in my opinion. When a technique fails for a player, it affects another player next to him ”, said the Dallas offensive coordinator.

A defense with very negative statistics

It is understood that both the team leadership and the coaching staff seek to reduce the weight of the situation. However, there is a very harsh reality: This is Dallas’ worst defense in a long time.

In fact, the Cowboys achieved a milestone against the Browns that they shouldn’t be too proud of. They became the first team in NFL history to allow at least 38 points and not have interceptions in three straight games. And this is something that weighs a lot.

If we focus on current data, the situation is not encouraging either. After four weeks, the Cowboys are the team with the most points allowed so far this season, with 146. Besides, they are the third team with the most yards allowed on defense with 1,722, averaging 430.5 yards per game.

For now, the Dallas defense is expected to show a better face against the Giants this Sunday. Even more so, considering that this divisional rival has less than 50 points scored in four games. Meanwhile, Mike Nolan will remain in the spotlight. And while his position seems safe for the moment, another poor defensive performance could change this.


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