Iribaren (Racing): “I shouldn’t have played this final” – Fil Info – European Cups

The Racing 92 scrum-half missed out on his Champions Cup final on Saturday against Exeter. Affected the day before in the adductors, Teddy Iribaren, questioned by Olympic noon, regret having started this meeting. “I hurt myself the day before the final and obviously, like any competitor, I wanted to take my place. We did everything with the medical staff so that I could play in the final, but honestly, I should have been fairly lucid and not play the game. I shouldn’t have played this match, that’s all … I couldn’t. ” And to confide that, from his first kick, he took “a monstrous discharge in the thigh”. “Behind that, I was never able to pull myself together. (…) It’s not an excuse, I’m not hiding behind it, but I couldn’t play my role in Bristol. A performance of this ilk, it was just impossible. Even in my worst nightmare, I could not have imagined such a performance … I have the impression of having failed, the feeling of having let go of the team a bit. It’s going to take me a long time, a lot of time, to digest. “