Interview with consultant Mario Leo

Manchester City (here coach Pep Guardiola) is also accompanied by Mario Leo in its digital strategy.
Bild: AP

In the FAZ interview, Mario Leo, who advises 108 clubs, leagues and associations on the subject of digitization, explains why it is not enough to conduct interviews with players on Instagram and what sports clubs can learn from the crisis winner Amazon.

Do you have more work than you did before the pandemic?

That’s so. Many clubs, leagues and associations came to us for the first time during the lockdown. We have also been accompanying digitally innovative clubs such as Manchester City or Juventus Turin for a long time. These clubs never stand still and pull projects out of the drawer that previously could not be processed due to lack of time.

With a view to digitization, do you see the crisis as an opportunity despite all the negative consequences?

I see a very big opportunity in the overall situation. Digitization gives clubs more opportunities than before to meet their high level of social responsibility through professional external presentation and internal processes. In addition, the digital world offers a good opportunity to develop new sources of income. In particular, clubs from sports such as handball, basketball or ice hockey are desperately trying to achieve higher advertising revenues through greater network coverage.




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