Serge Bodin, the president of the club Flume Ille Badminton, explains to us what this tournament is and how it will take place.

What is this event organized this weekend?

It brings together players from the best level N1, up to level D8. The referees for the tournament are Michel Vanlande and Benoît Crocq. On the Saturday program: singles tournaments in full and start of mixed and place for doubles and final mixed series on Sunday. There will be more than 3,000 € in endowments in series 1 and other prizes in series 2 to 6. For this meeting, we can only accommodate 300 players out of the 393 registered. They will be distributed in three rooms of the town: two at Cosec and one at Ricoquais.

What protocol is in place?

In the current pandemic situation, we must put in place a strict health protocol. There will be a covid referent in each room to ensure its application. The three rooms make it possible to limit the number of players present and only players, coaches and volunteers will be allowed to enter. The protocol involves respecting barrier gestures: compulsory mask in the room as well as outside, except on the field, application of hydroalcoholic gel before and after each match, marking on the ground for physical distancing, traffic plan, barnums outside for catering … In the event of non-compliance with the health protocol on the game board, the persons concerned are not authorized to continue the competition.

What are the club’s ambitions for this season?

After the first two days, the National 2 team can revise its ambitions upwards and try to play the rise in N1. The pre National team has, as objective, the rise in N3. For the regional teams R1 and R2, the objective, at a minimum, is the maintenance and the climbs of these two teams are conditioned by the rise of the N2 in N1 and the PN in N3. Many groups play interclub in departmental and, this year, two veteran teams are created with the aim of having fun on the ground. We also want to continue to train young people to the top level.

Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October 2020, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., rooms at Cosec and Ricoquais,


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