Ignacio Carrión awaits his work visa to play in the Argentine National League

Ignacio Carrión is close to making the most important leap in his sports career. The national team has already signed a contract with Platense of the Argentine National Basketball League, which begins next weekend, but awaits the resolution of the work visa procedures to embark for the trans-Andean country. The former Lions of Quilpué will have his first experience abroad.

It has not been officially announced, but Carrión is already considered in the planning of the Argentine cast. His team sends him videos and explains how they want him to play, while bureaucratic issues are sorted out. “We are waiting for the legal part. The club must present the documentation in Foreign Relations so that the player travels to Santiago, to the Argentine consulate, to sign the official contract ”, says Aníbal Pawlik, the player’s representative, to Third.

And although it has not been made official, it is a matter of days for everything to be a fact. This was also confirmed by Alejandro Vázquez, Platense coach, to this medium. “I want him to join the team as quickly as possible. He will not arrive before Saturday or Sunday and he will have five days to train with the team. It seems to me that his way of playing will immediately adapt to our game ”, says the coach.

Vázquez was convinced to sign Carrión after listening to Cristian Santander, Carlos Duró and Daniel Frola, coaches of the Chilean team. “Whenever I hire someone I ask if they are a good person and if they like to train. They told me that he is excellent, very applied, all the time trying to improve and learn ”, adds the coach.

Meanwhile, the former Los Leones player is happy with his first signing abroad. “I am happy to achieve one of my goals,” says Nacho. “It is a nice challenge. The coach wants that, apart from what I know how to do, add weapons to my game. It is giving me confidence before arriving, ”adds Carrión. “Nacho will play four. Does well the pick and roll, He is athletic and can play well, run the court fast and it is an advantage, because our team will be light ”, adds Vázquez.

Before this signing for Platense, Carrión could play in Ferro, but it did not materialize. “I had several options. There was one from Colombia in Piratas de Bogotá, also an option from Brazil and several important polls from Argentina. There were also three alternatives in Europe, ”says Pawlik. The Chilean, for his part, has just married his partner, a German national, so he begins a process that could later open the doors to him in the Old Continent.

In Chile, Nacho always played professionally for Los Leones de Quilpué, a team that did not want to let go of one of its best projects. “I opted for the voluntary resignation of my contract. I am 27 years old and the decisions I have to make are personal, it is growth for my career and I will always be grateful for the club, ”explains Carrión. “They wanted there to be a permit, but to maintain the bond so that when the Argentine league ends, they return to the team. But for me, to go to Argentina or wherever, my ideal is not to return to Chile and continue climbing at the level of the game, ”says the national team.

Carrión will be the second Chilean to wear the Platense shirt, since Sebastián Suárez’s short stay in 2017. In addition, the former Los Leones is a national team, so it would be easy for La Roja to have him in the November window, which It will be in bubble format based in Buenos Aires.