Dominic Calvert-Lewin has reached new heights under Carlo Ancelotti and has become a top player, according to Gary Neville, as Everton has a world-class manager.

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Calvert-Lewin scored his sixth goal of the season in the Premier League when Everton Liverpool pulled 2-2 back in the chaotic Merseyside derby on Saturday.

The result preserved the club’s unbeaten start to the season and kept him at the top of the table. Neville believes Ancelotti deserves credit for his influence on the formidable striker.

Speaking on the Gary Neville Podcast, he said Sky Sports: “We’ve already talked about the rise of Raheem Sterling to a really top player under Pep Guardiola and it’s interesting that over the past two or three years with Everton fans we’ve always felt that he wasn’t good enough is. ” we have to get someone else ‘.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin warms up before the Merseyside derby
Calvert-Lewin has already scored six goals in the Premier League this season

“But suddenly there is a manager who can really get performance out of him that is 20 to 30 percent higher than that of the previous managers.”

“You are wondering what could have happened if the next manager hadn’t introduced himself to Calvert-Lewin or hadn’t been the same quality as Carlo Ancelotti. That really shows how important it is to have a great coach. We have great ones Trainer.” League with Jürgen Klopp, Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Ancelotti and more.

“They really improve the players and they keep improving the players. A club’s biggest investment should be in the coach. The coach should be your highest paid person at the club. That’s what Sir Alex Ferguson always said because they are the most influential.”

Dominic Calvert-Lewin kept his place in the team against Belgium
The Everton striker made an impression on his recent appearances in England

“Calvert-Lewin is thriving under Ancelotti now and he looks like a top player. I thought he looked fantastic for England against Belgium last week, the way he handled this game. Now he’s won over his own people – which is what you do got to.” a young player. “

Everton will be without Richarlison for the next three games after being sacked for violent behavior in the closing stages at Goodison Park, which means Ancelotti will have to reassert his managerial skills in the upcoming games against Southampton, Newcastle and Manchester United .

But already this season there have been signs of significant improvement, attributable to the win over Tottenham on the campaign’s opening weekend.

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Neville added, “In any case, Everton are an improved team and we have been saying for a few years they need to be strengthened. The investment has been good over the past few years and there seems to be a greater degree of confidence.”

“That Spurs win at the start of the season really helped and boosted them as Everton would have seen Spurs as a team to aspire to.

“They have done really well since then. They have a good manager and a good spirit and that is a good result for them against Liverpool.”

“Don’t take Project Big Picture completely off the table”

This week, Project Big Picture sparked a lot of debate about the future structure of English football.

The controversial proposals that Liverpool had worked out with support from Manchester United would have increased funding for the English Football League clubs, but also given the big six of the Premier League the opportunity to make decisions in the top division.

Neville is one of eight people from diverse backgrounds in the sport who worked on a manifesto called “Saving the Beautiful Game: A Manifesto For Change” that aims to transform English football through major governance reforms.

After Project Big Picture was rejected by Premier League clubs Wednesday, Neville has urged elements of the proposals to remain on the table.


Tottenham’s head coach Jose Mourinho believes any change in football governance must apply to everyone, not just the elite

“I hope they are not released,” he added. “I hope parts of the proposals will be rejected and I hope other parts will be adopted. I think the restructuring of English football was not on the table two weeks ago. I see the development of the plan as positive. It is now on the table and on the agenda.

“I want a fully funded association that can support grassroots football and the English team. I want an amazing Premier League that is the best in the world and I want a sustainable football league with 72 clubs that have cost control measures in place, a Fit.” -and-proper-person test in place, but also a fair distribution of the wealth from the Premier League so that it is competitive and sustainable.

Jürgen Klopp


Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp says it is important to keep the future of football under discussion and keep looking forward

“And I want the money to go to non-league football as well so that it can be supported as it is often forgotten, but it’s an important part of what the pyramid is. If we believe in the pyramid, can’t just stop it. ” the end of the second division.

“Then you have to think about the fans – what we missed the most at that moment. We have to think about the deal they are currently getting in football. For me there is a better and fairer deal for everyone.” Soccer.

“So there were things in the project big picture proposal that I didn’t like, but please don’t take them off the table: reheat them, rework them, take out the parts that we don’t like. That are the six best clubs that play and dominate football.



Hodgson supports the ideas of the group “Saving The Beautiful Game” and believes that now could be a good time to “reset” English football.

“We don’t want that. I grew up a Manchester United fan and I always want them to win, but I don’t know what United and their owners are doing for English football. I want it to be more.” a democracy and more of a social approach.

“The idea that we can’t just revise the proposal somehow and get rid of some of the parts we don’t like, but keep the parts we do and add the non-league element. Why are we taking that away? Community Shield “We’re raising money for charity and it’s a game.

“The League Cup has been around for a long time – innovating by editing it by the calendar. Let’s not turn it down. You don’t have to be in a position where you either love or hate Project Big Picture. You can love parts of it and hate parts of it … don’t drive it off the table. We need it on the table to be able to negotiate. “

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