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Former River Plate player tells how he took revenge on Chicho Serna

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Mauricio the ‘Chicho’ Serna He was always characterized by being one of the most seasoned midfielders in Argentine football when at the beginning of the 2000s he was at Boca Juniors. The song of “Chicho, Chicho, egg, egg” that was heard at that time in La Bombonera was not free.

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This peculiar way of playing by the former Colombian midfielder brought him several problems with players from Boca’s eternal rival, River Plate. One of them was Roberto Trotta, who faced the Antioqueño in the ‘superclassics’.

Trotta, who also played strong as a defender, confessed in a talk with the Libero program of TyC Sports that he got revenge on Serna, since they had many crosses.

“We went looking with ‘Chicho’ a little between the two of us. We were inside a bowling alley, one came out first and the other through the back. We were like 20 meters away whore each other and they separated us, pero later I charged it … “, said the ex-zaguero between laughs.

The Argentine recalled that he then went to Puebla from Mexico to play and took the opportunity to recommend ‘Chicho’, since the Mexican team was not having a good time.

“I went to the draft in Mexico. They transferred me from Atlante to Puebla and the coach told me that they were looking for a central midfielder. It was a lousy team, fighting relegation. I thought who could I recommend, someone that i hate so that he would come to suffer with me and I recommended to Serna “, Trotta said.

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And indeed he found that the Colombian midfielder in Mexico, and they even shared a room. “After ten days ‘Chicho’ appeared on the beach dressed in the Puebla shirt. They put him in the room with me. From the outset I faced him and said: ‘You’re going to come to suffer just like me’ “, remembered.


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