European Team Championships: France qualified hands down – Badminton – Euro (eq.)

The outcome seemed indecisive against the Belgians for the Blues. But the script was quickly written. For the occasion, Brice Leverdez, the veteran with nine French league titles, was responsible for launching the case. The French No. 1 did not miss his entry into the competition, facing Maxime Moreels, a player who has already scored in the top 100.

Then Christo Popov hammered home the point. The new French champion has two times less spring than Leverdez (17 years old against 34 years old). He easily made the second point. Ditto for Arnaud Merklé. The Alsatian made short work of the Belgian No.3, conceding only 20 points.

The road to the quarters having opened, the serious things will finally begin for the French, who will face the Swedes (the French will play the Ukraine). In singles, the Blue led by Qi Xuefei, the naturalized Chinese who shows off her stripes in the France team, seem to have the advantage. ” It is more or less that, confirms Fabrice Vallet, Deputy DTN. We are a little above in singles and a little behind in doubles, so the girls are slightly favorite. “

Its prognosis is clearer for men: “Ukraine is a good draw. Opposite, there is a good singles player and that’s about it. We, in singles, we have problems of the rich, we are well armed. “ If Ukraine suffers the announced fate, it will be a semi-final against the Netherlands or England, before perhaps dreaming of a final against Denmark.



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