Esport – League of Legends : Misfits champion de France

Dominating this season, we expected GamersOrigin to win fairly quietly in the LFL play-offs – the French championship of League of Legends – this Monday evening in Monaco. But in the final, the winner of the spring and summer segments and big favorite was surprised (3-0) by a reshaped Misfits Premier (Jean “Jezu” Massol, affected by the Covid, was absent and replaced by Lucas “Saken “Fayard, loaned by Vitality for the occasion, which pushed Ronaldo” Ronaldo “Betea to change positions exceptionally), aggressive and successful in a situation that we thought hopeless given the conditions and the opponent.

The reserve of Misfits, which evolves in LEC, the European elite, is thus officially crowned champion of France of League of Legends 2020 without having lost a single round of the play-offs (3-0 against LDLC OL in the semi-final, at the beginning of October, also). A real performance for an AC team this year.

A physical event to conclude a chaotic season

In Monaco, the season ended during a first physical and public meeting since the launch of the league, strongly disrupted by the pandemic. Conditions that may have partly reshuffled the cards, but probably less than the date of the final, contested almost a month after the conclusion of a summer segment already scheduled late in the calendar. This had forced the teams to juggle between LFL and European Masters (the second European division).

Situations which annoyed the formations and players in contention, even a time demotivated some. These approximations remain understandable in the current context, but the championship – with growing audiences, which has highlighted talents who could reach the upper echelon and whose overall balance will remain positive – will have to avoid them in 2021.




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