Draymond Green’s outrageous attitude upon joining the Warriors

Among the hotheads that we find in the league today, Draymond Green is its mascot. His character shouldn’t have been an easy thing for the Warriors to deal with, especially since the worries started from day one...

When Draymond Green was drafted in 35th position in 2012 by the Warriors, the latter perhaps did not expect such a phenomenon, on the floors … as outside. Green has a special character which has not made him a friend of the umpires or his opponents over the years.

Luckily for him, the Warriors were more receptive to his moods, as he didn’t shy away from disrespecting the barely drafted franchise. The player recounts his first words to the team in “The Brownprint Podcast”, and he had obviously been cash:

I came in like, “Go and fuck yourself.” […] I’m here to help this team win, ”because they were fucking losers. I have never been a loser in my life.

Whether he was selected in the 2nd round of the Draft or in the top 10, Draymond Green did not intend to remain a little passive rookie in the shadows. From the top of his 22 years at the time, he looked the team straight in the eye, wanting to shake things up, even if it meant sending them out for a walk.

It quickly paid off. 8 years later, Draymond Green and the Warriors have 5 consecutive appearances in the Finals for 3 titles won. As an individual, Dray has 5 nominations in an NBA All-Defensive Team and the title of DPOY in 2017.

The fiery youthfulness of Draymond Green helped change the face of the Warriors in the years that followed. A n ° 23 loudmouth who wants to upset the fate of a franchise, does that remind you of anything?