It has often been written how Jimmy Butler’s arrival at the Heat was an obvious marriage. A happy association of which the extraordinary journey of the Floridians to the NBA final was the illustration. For Draymond Green, the explanation for the success of the back with the Heat is in a few words: ” Winning is a mentality. »

« Try to pass this mentality on to your teammates, you can’t, ”Judge the Warriors player. ” I can’t give Kevin Durant that state of mind, like he can’t give me his technique. Having a certain mentality in this league is a quality. I think as a leader you do it that way. I’m going to have this mentality, I’m going to behave this way and I’m going to demand certain things from the guys. »

According to the Defender of the Year 2017, this requirement is the key to understanding the relationship that Jimmy Butler has or has had with his current or past teammates.

« So the idea is not to try to convey my whole mentality to Steph (Curry), I just have to try to give a few things that help us to be on the same page. But since the people who embody this mentality are few, it is very seldom understood. So Jimmy Butler left Minnesota and Philly because no one understood this state of mind. But Miami has always had this state of mind. »

Miami was therefore, according to him, already predisposed to go coal even before his arrival, where Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins and the Wolves were visibly “shaken” by the harshness of Jimmy Butler.

« Miami is known to embody these values ​​and wanted someone like that. Pat Riley has sought for years to get a player like Jimmy Butler with this mindset », termine Draymond Green.

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