Corona: Badminton clubs are preparing for the restart

The sports halls in Bottrop will remain closed until the end of May – the Bottroper BG and the BC 89 are already preparing for a new start.

The fastest setback sport in the world has been paralyzed. Badminton cannot currently be played because of the corona virus. The Bottrop Badminton Association (BBG) and BC 89 have stopped training. The championship games were also canceled prematurely.

The halls in Bottrop will also remain closed until at least May 25th. By then, the clubs want to have worked out a training concept.

The German Badminton Association sets the route

In a “virtual” meeting, the board of directors around the 1st chairman of the BBG, Michael Fischedick, discussed ways and means of starting a training session in the event of a possible relaxation of the contact restrictions and the opening of the sports halls.

The German Badminton Association (DBV) and the State Badminton Association of North Rhine-Westphalia had previously drawn up criteria and rules for a gradual resumption of training in badminton. “We are in the process of asking our members about possible training times,” says press officer Tobias Döring.

The BC 89 does the same. There is no simple solution. “We hope that the DBV will adjust its guard rails a little by then,” says managing director Marco Buchheit.

There are currently major restrictions

Because until now, badminton would only be possible to a very limited extent if the hall was opened: “It will not be possible to play doubles, the players should use their own, marked ball and warm up outside the hall,” explains Michael Fischedick. Changing and showering must be done at home. And of course, the important minimum distance of two meters in the hall should be strictly adhered to.

The badminton associations also recommend fixed training pairings – this is one of the reasons why the clubs first ask their members. “The children don’t go to school, but we should set up some kind of youth training. All athletes are of course hot, but the hurdles are extremely high, ”says Buchheit.

The Bottropers want to go back to the field at the beginning of June

The fact that the two clubs initially won a little time suits them. And since the sports hall at the vocational school is still needed for final exams until the end of May, for example, the BBG has decided not to start until the first week of June. The BC 89 wants to do the same.

Despite all the imponderables, the BBG is proud of the loyalty of its members: “So far there have been no dismissals,” says the 1st chairman Fischedick. “We remain a strong community.”

Three newcomers at BC 89 – relegated at BBG

On the other hand, it may take some time until the championships are about points again. Even if the start planned for the end of August is already casting its shadow. Due to the “extrapolation” of the games that did not take place last season by the Badminton National Association, the BBG had to cope with the relegation of the first and third teams.

In contrast, things went better with BC 89 – the first team was promoted to the association league and will therefore play in the same league as the BBG in the future. They want to build on the successes of the past season – as soon as the fastest setback sport in the world picks up again.




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