Colombia national team news: Queiroz praises Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, it would be up to a goalkeeper | Colombia selection

Many believe that the Colombian National Team is James Rodríguez’s team. But the coach, Carlos Queiroz, has confessed that his weakness is another player.

At the press conference on Tuesday, the Portuguese did not spare praise for the Juventus winger, who was in doubt at some point over a couple of covid-19 coronavirus positives at the club, but happily boarded the plane that brought him to Barranquilla.

“He is a player who has authority, experience, who gives us many solutions,” said Carlos Queiroz. Who are you talking about? By Juan Guillermo Cuadrado.

“He works as a midfielder in the last calls and has a lot of brand obligation, but his football develops in its traditional position”, which is none other than going on the attack permanently.

What he says about the Antioqueño he does not assure about anyone else in the call: “We work a lot with Juan, he can play as a defender, midfielder, forward and with a little more work he can even be in goal,” Queiroz joked.

And that is not his greatest virtue: “He is ready to do his best with Colombia and play for the team where necessary and his football is more positive for the group. He is a phenomenal boy and has only one thing in mind, like me: first the team, then Juan Cuadrado “, concluded the DT.



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