The badminton clubs in the region have mixed feelings about the cancellation of the first half of the season.

. Regardless of the situation in the national leagues, the game committee of the Baden-Württemberg Badminton Association unanimously decided a few days ago to cancel the entire first half of the season in all divisions below the Baden-Württemberg league. The games on the first day of play are not counted. Badminton clubs in the region perceive this decision in different ways.

LV Ettenheim actually wanted to compete with three active teams this season: in the association league, regional league and district league. The anticipation of the game in Ettenheim was great, especially after the first team had been promoted to the association league. Martin Kollefrath, head of the badminton department at the LVE, sees the association on the right track: “On the one hand, I think it’s a shame that the first half of the season was canceled, but my impression is that the majority of our people are of the opinion that this is simply sensible . Personally, I find it very sensible because this decision creates clarity. Otherwise we would have worked our way from matchday to matchday. It is also particularly good that one decision is made for us. ” At the LVE there is a small hope that the second half of the season can be played, “but personally I don’t think so,” says Kollefrath.

Volker Przibilla, the acting chairman of BC Lahr, has very mixed feelings and thoughts in view of the decision: “Actually, it makes sense not to play badminton in this situation. But when I see football, handball and table tennis being played, I am surprised I am sure that our association has advanced in this regard. In the overall picture and in comparison with the other sports it is no longer entirely understandable. “

Przibilla points out that in badminton it is quite possible to maintain the necessary hygiene distance in the halls on match days. The team of the Lahrer Club had looked forward to the round in the district league full of anticipation after the termination of the syndicate with BC Seelbach. “It’s a shame, we had a good team,” said Przibilla, “but times are what they are.”

The BC Seelbach wanted to take a break anyway in view of a thin staffing and had therefore not reported an active team for the season. In this way, Christian Faißt, its chairman, can deal with the decision of the regional association in a relaxed manner. “We do our sport for fun and enjoyment. You don’t necessarily have to expose yourself to the current dangers.” Some Seelbach players had planned in this round to compete for teams in Ettenheim and Kirnbach.

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