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Stefan Medina has had a tough fight to overcome his debut with the National Team, which generated much criticism and ridicule. Through work and good performance, he has earned a place in the Colombia selection and the confidence of coach Carlos Queiroz.

It has been so even that of Medina in recent times that on Friday many were surprised not to see him as a starter for the match against Venezuela. However, he had to enter emergency, 12 minutes into the first half, due to the serious injury suffered by Santiago Arias, who initially was not in the call but was called at the last minute and finished between 11.

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“It was too sad a moment, things that happen in football, situations that nobody expects and that nobody can control. It’s a shame for our friend: I have known Santiago for a long time, we have a very good relationship, since we were 14 years old we have played together in national teams. Antioquia. It is painful to enter a situation like this, one is left in shock several moments, but in the end you have to be professionals, and when you are on the pitch you have to be one hundred percent focused on the game, “said Medina.

It is painful to go into a situation like this, you are in shock for several moments, but in the end you have to be professionals.

Few remember that Medina even debuted first in the National Team than himself Arias. It was a game that marked his career, on September 10, 2013, against Uruguay in Montevideo. That day was bad for him. And he didn’t have a good game against Chile, the day that Colombia qualified Brazil 2014, on October 11 of the same year. He only played 45 minutes. Four days later, Arias made his debut against Paraguay.

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It took him two years to return to the National Team. Arias earned the position when Camilo Zuniga she left and he patiently began to queue. The arrival of Queiroz put him as the starter. How has it changed in all this time?

“The experience, each day adds one more games, the opportunity to share with the team mates, each day adding more minutes and giving everything to contribute to the team. I am the same as many years ago, simply with all the desire and the privilege of being here. Opportunities must be seized, so we will give everything to continue adding and earn a place in the Selection”, He explained.

I am the same as many years ago, simply with all the desire and the privilege of being here.

Medina was a midfielder and central defender, but he has established himself as a winger and has had a respectable career in Mexico, where he has won two Concacaf Champions Leagues (one with Pachuca, in 2017, and another with Monterrey, in 2019) and two leagues and a Copa MX.

“In the last years of my career I have participated more as a winger, with more experience and maturity, with much clearer concepts. There are some features that I am trying to improve little by little; I am fully prepared, I am playing here in that position, giving everything for the good of the team and hoping that we live a wonderful process, “concluded Medina.

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