Elite European football clubs could compete in a tournament sponsored by FIFA, according to Sky News. More than 12 teams from the top five European leagues are reportedly negotiating the creation of the so-called European Premier League, which could start in 2022.

According to Sky News, the acting English champion Liverpool or Manchester United are taking part in the meeting. The competition would involve 18 teams that would compete during the season. The highest ranked teams in the league would qualify for the elimination phase.

For the birth of the tournament, it is necessary to obtain financial coverage in the amount of six billion dollars (138 billion crowns). The required amount could be provided by JP Morgan, the debt would then be repaid from the income from television rights. Neither FIFA nor the European Football Union (UEFA) commented on the subject.

The idea of ​​a European Super League has appeared several times in the past, but UEFA, which runs the “millionaire” Champions League, does not agree. In November 2018, UEFA Chairman Aleksander Cheferin called the possibility of an elite club super league nonsense. He was also supported by the head of Juventus Turin and the European Association of ECA clubs Andrea Agnelli.

Liverpool and Manchester United are among the clubs that are reportedly negotiating the new competition. The two clubs tried last week to push for changes in the English league. Among other things, they included the narrowing of the Premier League and the cancellation of two domestic cups. Fewer matches in England would free up deadlines for playing a new competition under the FIFA banner.


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