At the beginning of the activity of day 15 in the National Professional Basketball League Fuerza Regia and Leñadores de Durango they gave us a good game that ended with suffering and in the best way for the fans because Joshua Ramírez gave us a buzzer beater at the same time. regal to sentence the game.

The game had to be resolved in overtime and when there was practically nothing left on the clock, Ramírez took the ball and launched the shot that ended up in the net to give Fuerza Regia a very important victory.

In this way the weekend activity began in the LNBP that is completed with more games, this is how the series will be played between Saturday and Sunday, where the duel that the Soles de Mexicali and the Aguacateros de Michoacán will have stands out, two teams that are candidates serious to reach the Finals of the LNBP.

  • Regia Force vs Lumberjacks
  • Astros vs Libertadores
  • Soles vs Aguacateros
  • Plateros vs Dorados
  • Miners vs Roadrunners
  • Panthers vs Bees

Via Fuerza Regia