Billie Eilish generates debate among her fans: what color are her tennis shoes? | Music

It is the 2020 version of the famous two-color viral dress, but now with the shoes of the interpreter of ‘My Future’

This weekend, the Instagram account of

Billie Eilish

It became the site of a heated debate that arose from the color of her tennis shoes, which she assured that, while she saw them in one tone, many of her followers insisted that they were of another … something like the famous viral white and gold / blue and black dress of 2015.

Are they white with pink or mint color? This was the question that generated controversy in the Instagram stories of the artist, who, being bored, asked her fans to ask her things to pass the time. One of her fans asked her what color was the famous dress that went viral a few years ago, and the conversation led to Billie’s tennis shoes, which had also been part of a controversy at home, because of the color of the dress. some people see.

The singer shared that she had bought some tennis shoes Nike Air a few years ago, and that her dad had told her they were pink on white, but clearly mint on white. Billie He thought it would all be a simple story, but it turned out that the tennis photo confused his fans, who also divided into two teams: roses and mint.

Throughout various stories, Billie Eilish She was quite confused (and entertained) when more people joined her dad’s stance on the tone of the shoes, which she clearly saw as mint and even pointed out that the official tennis website sells them under the name ” mint white “.

The artist continued to publish more evidence to support her way of seeing the Nike Air, for which she ended up accumulating several stories on Instagram based on this discussion.

“The whole Internet is attacking me now,” said the singer with a laugh, looking surprised by the opinions of the color of tennis shoes. “Let me win this time,” he joked. She even took photos of them in daylight and compared them to other Nike sneakers that are pink, just to prove she was right.

Although of course, she was not the only one confused with the responses she received, because in social networks many users also participated in the indecision of their color.

What color do you see Billie Eilish’s tennis shoes?

In addition to the debate on the shade of his shoes, which is still going on, Billie Eilish is preparing for the virtual concert “Where Do We Go?” which will be offered on October 24 on livestream and also for the premiere of new music in November, as recently announced on their networks without giving many details about it.




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