What happened?

Detectives of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Investigation police (PDI) of Vicuña, in coordination with the Public Ministry, arrested a basketball teacher accused of having committed sexual abuse against minors who were his students.

The case

The commissioner Daniel Maldonado, head of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the PDI of Vicuña, explained that the order to investigate the case “was related to a complaint made by a mother of a 15-year-old girl, by virtue of certain attitudes or improper actions on the part of a basketball coach who had the girl. “

In addition, he explained that the accused “had a school in the Vicuña commune, mainly teaching minors.”


The complaint was made last May, after which the PDI began a series of proceedings in order to deliver all the information to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“After the investigation, criminal analysis and police intelligence procedures, it was possible to establish the existence of more victims, where around 16 people gave statements in this Brigade,” said the commissioner.


“In accordance with the information obtained and in coordination with the Public Ministry, the respective arrest warrant and entry and search of this person’s home were processed, which were executed yesterday, proceeding to arrest the accused,” Maldonado reported.

During this day, the subject was placed at the disposal of the Guarantee Court for their respective control of detention.

* The note informs the judicial process in progress, so those involved should not be considered guilty until the justice determines it

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