The hopeful Emilio Nagel is one of the coaches who with a lot of passion does his bit so that Atlético Franck basketball grows.

The cast of the Las Colonias Department was encouraged and with three categories is part of the Mixed contest that began on October 12. After the premiere before Maccabi, the DT confessed that “we saw the rules of the idea that the ASB raised us and obviously with the children, the parents and the CD we decided to try it, see the effects it had and in that way we move forward” .

Then he added that “the boys were interested, they wanted to see the score and with a bit of nervousness, not long ago we are in competition, although we do not see the opponent, on the other side they are shooting, making skills, it is something new for everyone, the nerves were mixed a little with the anxiety to see the result. We see it as something positive for the tournament ”.

Nagel insisted on the concept that “all of this set up a lot of organization and logistics from the ASB, with statistics, videos, referees, an important job, but always for the benefit of the boys, if they remain motivated it is a double satisfaction for U.S. It is something innovative and good what is being played ”.

In the final part, he added that “we all want to face a team beyond virtuality again, in the game that is strange and motivates us to approach the sport. We have to adapt, we decided to participate with Atlético Franck and we are totally grateful to the parents and children who make an effort every day ”.

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