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October 23, 2020, 11:16 p.m.

Basketball:Baldwin towers above

FC Bayern continues to soar in the Euroleague: The 74:68 victory over Olympiacos Piraeus is already the fourth victory in the fifth game. The people of Munich don’t have time to celebrate – the national cup will continue on Sunday.

From Christian Bernhard

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The FC Bayern basketball players continue their highs in the Euroleague. On Friday evening, the team of coach Andrea Trinchieri defeated the top Greek club Olympiacos Piraeus 74:68 (39:34) in the Audi Dome at home and celebrated their fourth victory in their fifth game of the season. The decisive Munich player was Wade Baldwin, who turned up in the second half and ended the game with 18 points. The American played for Piraeus last season. Led by Nihad Djedovic, who scored eight points in the first seven minutes, Bayern moved away to 31:22 in the second quarter, but Piraeus could not be shaken off – and took the lead for the first time after the break (50:49). From then on, Munich defended very well – and barely let the veterans Kostas Sloukas (six points) and Vassilis Spanoulis (two) get a chance. Jalen Reynolds made a strong game under the baskets, Vladimir Lucic got 16 points. Bavaria does not have time to take a deep breath. Already on Sunday they will compete in the preliminary round of the cup in Weißenfels against the Central German BC (6 p.m.), the next day they will play against Crailsheim.

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