The Cimá Basketball Academy, will sign next week a collaboration agreement with the Aztks Club of Mexico City, with the aim of creating more opportunities for basketball players in southern Quintana Roo.

Cristian Cimá, director of the ABC Academy, pointed out that the Aztks Club is a team with important national renown, which gives an important boost to youth basketball.

After more than half a year without activities, this week the basketball players of the minor categories returned to the courts at different points.

One of the institutions that returned to training is the ABC Academy, which is based in the sports dome of the Centro neighborhood, in Bacalar, and which works three days a week with basketball players of different categories for children and youth.

However, the return to the courts was not the only good news for the athletesTherefore, Cristian Cimá, coach of this club, announced that, in the course of the next week, he will sign the collaboration agreement with the Aztks Club of Mexico City, a team that is recognized throughout the country thanks to its high level and the programs it carries out to promote basketball and generate new talent.

“Without a doubt it is great news for our children from the south of Quintana Roo, the fact of signing a collaboration agreement with this team will be giving us the possibility that our players can be scouted, receive clinics and trainings by coaches from excellent level, “said Cristian Cimá.

He reported that this agreement will be reflected in the generation of more and better basketball players in the minor categories, which in turn, represent an improvement in the level of competition of local teams and that this is reflected in out-of-state tournaments, even in the state selectives.

“It is what we are looking for, the fact of having this type of alliances does not benefit one but all of us who are dedicated to training new basketball players,” he concluded.

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