BASKET: Le Breuil too strong for Le Creusot

The derby was quickly crushed by a more skilful team from Breuil who approached the 100 point mark.

50 points scored in the first period… 49 after the break. The men of Breuil approached the 100 point mark this Sunday afternoon in the derby against the ABCreusot. With the exception of the first few minutes, which even saw the Creusot players lead in the score (10-12), the meeting was one-sided.
The Brogéliens unrolled their basketball and showed great skill, including 7 three-point shots. Les Creusotins in particular conceded a 20-0 between the end of the first quarter time and the start of the second, which obviously hurt them and which then allowed Breuil to quietly roll out his basketball and increase his lead. With name more than a quarter of the points scored by Sébastien Le Boudic, including 3 improved.


Le Breuil beats ABCreusot 99 to 40 (22-12; 28-12; 24-8; 25-8)

Le Breuil: Sébastien Le Boudic 27 points, Damien Ruggeri 17, Guillaume Tosetto 16, Gabin Tosetto 15, Maxime De Jesus 9, Saadi Mahah 5, Didier Massok 5, Florien Gien, Sébastien Arnoldo.
Le Creusot: Nehgid Megguenni-Tani 12 points, Nicolas Gien 8, Saber Raboudi 6, Jean-Michel Desroches 5, Alexandre Poncet 4, Corentin Desbrosses 4, Maxime Hurez.