Badminton. The beautiful harvest of Ujap Quimper – Badminton

Lecture : 2 minutes

The Petit Bélier tournament, organized by Ujap Quimper, took place over two days, with men’s, women’s and mixed doubles on Saturday, and men’s and women’s singles on Sunday, at the Sports Hall in Penhars.

Badminton. Little Aries Tournament 2020.

The Ujapists had five successes throughout the competition. First, Romain Jamet, associated with Titouan Cesbron (Saint-Jacques Badminton) dominated the pair Ludovic Chapin-Renaud Jolle (Les Sardines Volantes) in table 1. Then, the mixed double composed of Aymeric Guillou and Charlotte Delabarre s ‘imposed in series 2. Then, Aurélie Le Sonn, for her introduction, accompanied by Mathilde Lorjoux, created the sensation by triumphing against Vanessa Bosser-Sandra Cointereau (AL Badminton Plonéour-Lanvern) in table 3. Romain Jamet, insatiable, had his club compatriot, Yan-Aël Yvonnou in series 3. Finally, the long-awaited meeting for the veteran “Rose” saw the victory of Philippe Daoudal, who is none other than the dad of the young prodigy Tino, facing at Nantes Glen Roudaut. Paul Reuter, the Quimper manager could congratulate himself, with the entire organizing club, on the very good performance of the 2020 edition of the TRPB.

The results

Simple men. Série 1 : B. Conry (AL Badminton Plonéour-Lanvern)-L. Hascoet (Trégunc Badminton Club) : 2-0 (22/20, 21/13).

Simple ladies. Series 1: Z. Deleon (Saint Jacques Badminton) -M. Suaudeau (Badminton Club Kemperle): 2-1 (13/21, 21/18, 21/18).

Double men. Series 1: T. Cesbron (Saint Jacques Badminton) / R. Jammet (Ujap Badminton Quimper) -L. Chapin / R. Jolle (Les Sardines Volantes): 2-0 (21/17, 21/17).

Double ladies. Series 1: M. Pichon / E. Sielleur (The Penguins of the harbor) -A. Burgaud / C. Juliot (Les Plumes Varzécoises): 2-0 (21/16, 23/21).

Mixed doubles. Series 1: F. Hellegouarch / N. Iron (Badminton Club Kermperle) -M. Bellot (AL Badminton Club Briochin) / Z. Deleon (Saint Jacques Badminton): 2-0 (21/13, 21/10).