Badminton. Quévert winner in series 1 and 2 – Badminton

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Saint-Brieuc interregional tournament

The interregional doubles tournament of the Amicale laïque badminton club briochin brought together 144 badists. Young Briochines Lily Gautier and Romance Depagne, 12-year-old 1 minors who took their first step in adult tournament in series 2, lost in the semi-finals. In series 1, in the ladies’ category, Briochine Soukéhina Damour and her partner Maëlys Lemarchand from Relecq-Kerhuon beat Océane Catros from SJB 35 (21-19, 21-12). “This is not the first time that I have teamed up with Maëlys, we get along well on the pitch, everyone knows what to do, hence our ability to respond to our opponents”, reported the resident of the AL Saint-Brieuc. In the men’s draw in series 1, the Quéveroise pair Julien Letort – Raphaël Chenu had to fight in three sets to overcome Mathieu Clotault, from Lille Métropole associated with Hippolyte Huet, from Sternes Ploubaz.

The results

Male: Series 1: Letort / Chenu (Quévert) beats Clotault (Lille) Huet (Ploubaz); Series 2: Priour / Arrdoin-Le Bras (Quévert) beats Gimenez / Robert (Plérin), Series 3: Raud / Le Guilloux (Saint-Brieuc) beats Rouaud / Lemarchand (Le Relecq-Kerhuon).

Ladies : Series 1: Damour (Saint-Brieuc) Lemarchand (Le Relecq-Kerhuon) beats Catros / Devred (Saint-Jacques); Series 2: Epivent / Le Guilloux beats Lévêque / Le Seich (Plérin; Series 3: Bedel / Brouard (Trégueux) beats Le Bihan / Verget (Ploufragan).