After officially announcing his participation in the Masters 1000 in Paris (November 2 to 8, 2020), Rafael Nadal gave an exclusive interview to the Spanish daily El Periodico.

Asked about the mark he would like to leave after his professional retirement, the man with 20 Grand Slam titles would first of all like to be remembered as a good person: “For me, by far, the personal question is more important than the professional question. I always say I wish I was remembered as a good person, more than a champion or whatever« , said the Mallorcan worried about the image he returns before continuing.

“Because, in the end, the victories, the titles, are moments of happiness, euphoria, adrenaline, success, but all of this is temporary and I have always been very clear on this subject; the success and interest you generate in people, in businesses, is temporary. This interest is in what I do, not in what I am. The important thing is that the people who know you have a positive opinion of you, while the image that is transferred into the world can be fabricated. “

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