The contractual situation of Florian Thauvin interests several clubs, especially across the Channel. The Olympique de Marseille winger is in the last year of his contract and will therefore be free to discuss with other teams in January – if he does not extend by then – and to commit for free in the formation of his choice for next summer. According to information from Leicester Mercury, Leicester City, who had already shown interest in the player this summer, would like to take the opportunity to try to recruit the 2018 World champion. However, the Marseille leaders do not intend to leave their most decisive player (3 goals and 4 assists) decisive in 7 Ligue 1 matches this season) go free. “Florian Thauvin is an important part of the club’s heritage. It’s hard to lose a player like Florian Thauvin because he’s at the end of his contract. This is why we must all work, club, player, entourage of the player to find the best solution, declared Pablo Longoria, Marseille sports director, to Téléfoot. Football, like life, is about finding solutions. Solve problems, get to a meeting point between everyone. ”


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