Alianza and Metapán win in the second day

He alliance was consolidated leader after two days of Opening 2020 when imposing last night Chalatenango 0-3 in the Gregorio Martínez stadium.

Despite playing with one less man due to the expulsion of Michell Mercado 15 minutes into the game, the Alianza imposed conditions, scored the goals at the right time, taking advantage of the defensive weakness of the Northerners and with a better job, they ensured the victory.

Triumph carved with a lot of solidarity from his players, good touch of the ball, serenity, tactical organization and determination against the rival frame.

The Northerners were superior in the start, they played a good game as a whole, but without weight in offense. That lack of connection prevented them from generating danger.

The goals of Rudy Clavel, Juan Carlos Portillo and Marvin Monterroza, tipped the balance in favor of the visit in the first half, lethal blows that put out the Chalateco fire.

Chalatenango played well for 20 minutes, but suffered a slap from which he could not recover, he had the football resources to propose a better game to the albos, but they lost confidence when they were surprised by the albos goals and from that psychological blow they did not get up . Here the incidents of the party.

Metapán 6-0 Deportivo Eleven

While Isidro Metapán had no mercy on the Deportivo Once. the caleros mounted a 6-0 to the ahuachapanecos, with a goal from Ricardinho included, the last to join the team this season. These were the incidents of the meeting: