Adam Scott’s very particular way of setting up his calendar

Adam Scott. © Golffile | Phil Inglis

Adam Scott will play the WGC México Championship for the first time since 2017. He arrived, saw Chapultepec, finished 45th and decided that that height was not with him. He was absent in 2018 and 2019 and is returning now just after winning The Genesis Invitational at Riviera. He has also announced that he will play the WGC Match Play, an appointment he has not attended since 2016.

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What has changed in Scott’s life to turn his calendar around? The Australian explained in Mexico that if he did not play here or in the match play before, it was because he was testing what was best for his career. Thus, for example, he assures that last year he played up to four tournaments before Mexico and it was difficult for him to add one more date.

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He has not explained, however, why he did not play in 2018, when he had only played two tournaments before Mexico. The truth is that Scott’s calendars have always been very much his. He is one of the golfers who plays the least and there are tournaments to which he has directly put the cross. This year, for example, he has only played in Riviera. Mexico will be his second appearance.

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“After a time when I have played badly, now I am recovering my best level and I have always thought that when you are playing well you should measure yourself against the best in the world to know exactly where your level is. That is why now I play in Mexico and I will also be in the Match Play, which you already know has never been a saint of my devotion. Anyway, I think playing three safe rounds two weeks before the Masters is going to be good for me, ”he says.

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On the other hand, Scott joked about the atmospheric pressure of Chapultepec and how it affects the lower kickback effect of the ball. “Oh, don’t ask me those things, I get lost with atmospheric pressure, those songs, better DeChambeau.” In addition, he assured that Abraham Ancer reminds him of Tim Clark, for his claw and for his bravery whoever is in front of him.

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By the way, and speaking of Mexicans, it is curious that Sergio garcia has made him a guide through Chapultepec to Carlos Ortiz during the practice lap they played today. The Mexican recognized Ten Golf that he has played very few times on this course, so during the nine holes, both he and his caddy have been asking the Spaniard everything: possible flag positions, lines, clubs to play, strategy, etcetera… Of course, Sergio is one of the best guides for this field, since he has always obtained very good results.

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