Van Gerwen after a crucial victory: ‘If I make it to the play-offs, they have a problem’ | NOW

Michael van Gerwen booked a crucial victory over Gary Anderson (8-6) in the Premier League of Darts on Friday. The number one in the world kept his chances of the play-offs alive, although he does not have it in his own hands on Saturday night.

“These two points fall into the category desperately needed, yes,” Van Gerwen added RTL7 self-aware. “But you always have to be critical of yourself, I could have won a lot easier here. I was the much better player throughout the game, but my doubles just let me down every now and then, while I make the right choices. That’s upsetting me.”

Van Gerwen gave the eighth leg as an example, when he missed an arrow on double 16 to avoid 6-2. “If that happens, you can easily run to 8-2 or 8-3. Instead it becomes 5-3 and even 6-6 and then the pressure is full. To still win and a small Handing it out gives a lot of satisfaction. “

However, ‘MVG’ said he did not feel relieved. “Of course, if I had lost or drawn tonight, it would have been almost done. If you don’t show what you can do for weeks, it will eat you up. I’m glad I managed to squeeze this out. is not relieved, that is knowing what you can do. “

“They all hope that I will not make it to the last four, because then they know they have a problem”, Van Gerwen referred to his competitors. “They already have problems with a Michael at 90 percent, you can tell if I play at 100 percent.”

Battle for play-offs on final round decided

Van Gerwen seemed against Anderson with an average of over 103 and six times the maximum score of 180 to be close to that top form. He is satisfied with Saturday’s decisive round of play.

“I felt good beforehand, but you want to do that little bit extra and unfortunately that doesn’t work. But the most important thing is that I manage to get the race out of it and keep myself in the race. It will be an exciting day. . “

The number one in the world will play against Daryl Gurney, who has already been eliminated, on Saturday evening, but is even dependent on the result of Nathan Aspinall against leader Glen Durrant in the event of a victory. ‘Duzza’ has already been qualified for the playoffs, but Van Gerwen hopes that the 49-year-old Englishman will do his sporting duty.

“Durrant is in better shape than Gurney, I might have a small advantage there. He has the table (ranking, ed.) already won, so it is difficult whether you can expect anything from that. But Michael Smith can also beat Peter Wright just like that. It can go in any direction, I have to make sure that I just win my match myself and then hope that it falls my way. “



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