Start of the Bundesliga: fans return faster than expected?

Dhe impression of the happy fans in the DFB Cup still had an effect when even CSU boss Markus Söder gave in. After weeks of defensive stance, the influential Bavarian Prime Minister now sees “a chance” for the spectators to return quickly to the football stadiums. As early as this Tuesday (4 p.m.), according to dpa information, the heads of the state chancelleries are discussing a nationwide solution that should come earlier than the end of October.

One wants to try this week to find a compromise for a trial run with spectators, announced Söder on Monday after a cabinet meeting in Munich. This could possibly take place at the start of the Bundesliga this weekend with the opening game between Bayern Munich and Schalke 04 on Friday (8.30 p.m., in the FAZ live ticker for the Bundesliga, on ZDF and Dazn).

Chancellery chief Helge Braun (CDU) described this as a possible scenario on Monday after talks with the federal states. “The rapprochement is already very far advanced,” said Braun at a retreat of the CSU parliamentary group in the state parliament in Munich. However, this depends on the decisive talks between the countries on Tuesday.

Braun explained that absolute bans are always difficult. If someone can show that they have a sophisticated hygiene concept, then it is usually difficult to enforce an absolute ban. Braun emphasized, however: “It’s not just about sitting in the stadium, with a clean distance, there is the way to football, there is the way back from football.”

Several thousand fans expected

Several thousand fans are expected in four of the nine stadiums for the season opener in the upper house. Ascending trend. The authorities in Leipzig (8500 visitors), Frankfurt (6500), Berlin (5000) and Bremen (8500) blessed the hygiene concepts of the respective clubs with special praise. “The fans were missing,” said Werder President Hubertus Hess-Grunewald and spoke of an “important signal.”

In North Rhine-Westphalia, a new corona protection ordinance could be issued for more than just a few hundred viewers this week. So far, there is an upper limit of 300 viewers. According to North Rhine-Westphalia’s health minister Karl Josef Laumann (CDU), “one third of the seats in the regional league should be possible with spectators again” in the future.

The opening of the stadiums should not jeopardize the opening of schools and daycare centers, Söder told the “Bild” newspaper in a live interview on Sunday evening. He remains cautious, but the trial run is possible. “How many spectators there are per stadium has to be negotiated,” said the Prime Minister.

Specific results are required

According to dpa information, several federal states consider it necessary to come to results on upper limits and capacities by mid-September. Schleswig-Holstein’s government wants to provide the clubs with clarity about the spectator situation before the start of the season. ZDF and “Handelsblatt” had reported that the working group set up was to talk about an occupancy limit of up to 40 percent of the stadium capacity. Fixed upper limits are also discussed.




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