Panthers’ Robby Anderson hilariously mistakes team mascot for bear – Carolina Panthers blog

CHARLOTTE, NC – The Carolina Panthers had 10-12 defensive calls that failed to rally properly on Sunday due to a problem with the helmets. Special teams gunner Trenton Cannon got tangled in a TV wire on the sideline that flipped over and hit several teammates and coach Matt Rhule’s son.

But perhaps the most important element in the blooper strip from the 34-30 Week 1 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders could come from wide receiver Robby Anderson.

He mistook the team’s mascot, Sir Purr, for a bear. The exchange, recorded on tape:

“What is this bear doing?” Anderson said into the microphone as he sat on the bench next to fellow wide receivers Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore.

“Bear?” said a seemingly confused Moore.

Anderson drew his attention to Sir Purr, clad in a white No.00 jersey, running through the stands with no fans.

“It’s Sir Purr, my brother,” Moore explained.

Anderson replied, “Who?”

“Sir Purr,” said Moore.

“How do you say that? Anderson asked.

“Sir Purr,” Samuel offered.

“Sir Purr. Oh, Mr. Purr. … Sensational! “Said Anderson.” You call it that?

Moore: “Yeah, that’s his name.”

“So you’re like, ‘What’s up, Sir Purr? Anderson said looking at the stands.

Luckily for the Panthers, Anderson knew what to do when the Raiders defensive back bit into his quick swing and fell midway through the fourth quarter. He kept running and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater hit him in stride for what turned into a 75-yard touchdown that gave the Panthers a 30-27 lead.

Anderson, who signed a two-year, $ 20 million contract in the offseason, finished with six catches for 115 yards.

But it was the secondary video of Anderson calling out the Panthers mascot as a bear that got him the most attention.

It became so popular that teammates were texted to them.

“Robby trippin ‘sometimes,” Bridgewater said. “He’ll be in his own little world, but he’s special, man.” He’s one of those guys, he’s full of balls. When I saw the video, asking what this bear was doing, it’s just Robby was Robby. “

Robby being Robby is the same description of the wide receiver that Pharoh Cooper used to talk about on the video.

“Yeah, Robby is a little different, but that’s what makes Robby [Robby]Cooper said. “It’s hard to really describe him. … he’s just sort of in his own world. But he’s a cool cat.

At least one eccentric cat. To be fair, Cooper didn’t realize Carolina’s mascot was a panther until Sunday.

“I didn’t know who he was until I saw the video,” he admitted.