Hilarious! Eric Dier’s ‘Call of Nature’ That Made Mourinho Angry


Eric Dier received a ‘call of nature’ in the middle of the Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea match. This made manager Jose Mourinho look angry and chased him down the toilet.

Tottenham host Chelsea at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Wednesday (30/9/2020) in the morning WIB, in the fourth round of the Premier League Cup. The host had left first.

Timo Werner broke Hugo Lloris’s goal in the 19th minute, which lasted 1-0 until the break. In the second half, the hosts also tried to catch up.

In the midst of their search for an equalizer, Tottenham got a little ‘annoyance’. The midfielder, Eric Dier, suddenly off the field and into the stadium hall in the 77th minute.

Investigate, the British player wanted to pee because he could no longer stand it. Mourinho, who was leading his team, was clearly furious.

The Portuguese manager also made a drama. Mourinho chased Dier into the stadium hallway, and was seen getting into the toilet to ask Dier to return to the field immediately.

In the surveillance cameras, it was seen that Dier was indeed running straight to the field again. Dier also returned to join his colleagues in the field.

In the end, Tottenham were able to equalize the score to 1-1 through Erik Lamela’s goal in the 83rd minute. The Lilywhites were able to turn to win on penalties with a score of 5-4, after Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount failed to enter the ball.

After the match, Dier commented on his actions, as well as assessed his manager’s reaction. “He’s not happy, but I can’t do anything else. His name is also a natural nickname,” he said, then laughed amusedly, as reported by Sky Sports.

“I heard there were opportunities for them when I was not on the pitch. But thank goodness they didn’t score and it ended in victory for us,” he said.

Mourinho himself commented on Dier’s action. Although a little annoyed, he still praised the 26-year-old’s work ethic.

“He has to go, I know that. Maybe it’s normal to be very dehydrated, when you have no more fluids,” he said.

“But, I’m just trying to teach him a lesson, to be able to make him back in the remaining time. He’s a good example for all the players who appeared in the two games. If the officers don’t care about the players, I care, that’s why Dier won’t play next Thursday. [di pertandingan Liga Europa], “he explained.

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