Postponed the first two days of Asobal

The Sacyr Asobal League will not be able to start this week as planned, after the Royal Spanish Handball Federation announced yesterday the postponement of the first two days.

Although the measure affects days one and three, it should be remembered that a month ago, when the calendar draw was held, it was decided to exchange days two and three in the first round. The aim was therefore that several teams would not have to play two games of the first four at home on Wednesday. So that, will not be played until at least September 9, date of the third day, which is actually the second.

It so happens that Bidasoa Irun had to open the day. The other eight games will be played tomorrow, but the league was to start this Tuesday in Artaleku, facing the Irundarras with ABANCA Ademar León. The last two league runners-up face to face, with the dessert of seeing the return of Julen Aginagalde to Asobal after seven seasons in Poland and Irun after fourteen wearing other shirts.

But the Bidasoa-Ademar will have to wait. The match against Puerto Sagunto scheduled for the weekend, coinciding with the European competition match against the PAUC Handball, was the same. This, scheduled for this Sunday at 9:00 p.m., will be the third attempt by the Irundarras to start competing, after suspending the first leg against the French and postponing the clash on Tuesday against Ademar León.

The postponement of the first two days is late. The cold war between Federation and Asobal seemed somewhat tempered but it has been rekindled in recent days. First on Saturday with the RFEBM proposal to postpone the competition, then on Sunday with the sour response from Asobal and then yesterday with more disagreements.

How is the league?

Today the clubs expect the Higher Sports Council to establish the protocol for coronavirus cases. Nobody wanted to go out into the ring without being clear about what should be done when there are cases. That they will appear, as one appeared yesterday in the Ademar León. Should the Leon template be confined until the results of the PCR tests are available? Could he go to Irun? How many positives could be taken into account to suspend the match? Or would having sick players not have to exempt a team from showing up to a game? Many unanswered questions and therefore not the best way to get a semi-professional competition going.

The current scenario presents the league boot for September 9, with the dispute of the third day, which for Bidasoa implies a visit to Cangas de Morrazo. And when to reposition the two postponed days will be an arduous task, since the calendar is saturated.



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