Porziņģis’ health does not lead to optimism about participation in the ‘play-off’, admits coach Karlails (22.27)

Kristaps Porziņģis could not help the National Basketball Association (NBA) team in the Dallas “Mavericks” in the sixth round of the first round of the Western Conference against the Los Angeles “Clippers” team, the team’s head coach Riks Karlails does not hide. The Dallas club would say goodbye to this year’s playoffs in the event of a loss.

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Mavericks club media outlets for Thursday’s game said Porzig’s participation was in question, Dallas Morning News reporter Brad Tunsend reported. The same status has been noted for team leader Lukas Dončičs, who has fought an ankle injury since the third match of the series, Treja Bērks and Dorian Finijs-Smiths.

“I’m optimistic about Three, Luke and Dorian,” Carlisle said in a statement with reporters. “KP [Kristaps Porziņģis] works all day with our medical staff, Casey [Smitu], Dion [Kalhūnu], Chose [Porziņģa personīgo treneri Manolo Valdivoso]. He desperately wants to play. However, I am not optimistic about how it has gone. We will get a full answer tomorrow. I hope he wakes up tomorrow, feeling good enough to play. But I would like to be more optimistic than I am now. “

The portal “Delfi” asked the specialist the question whether Porziņģis was not physically ready to go on the field during the previous two games or whether the decision was made by acting responsibly in relation to his future.

“He has not been able to participate in the last two games,” Carlisle replied. “As for the wording of the question … Like I said, he works all day. He doesn’t want to rule out playing tomorrow. Just like we haven’t officially done it. If he doesn’t play, it will be because he can’t do it, not because he it just hurts. He’s been through a lot of pain all year. He’s a tough guy. “

“I’m crazy I hope he has a great night and he wakes up feeling very good. That possibility can’t be ruled out. But no matter how hard he works and wants to go on the field, I’m not personally optimistic about it. See you tomorrow. I hope I’m wrong.” the coach closed the idea.

It has already been reported that the Los Angeles Clippers basketball players beat the Mavericks on Wednesday with a score of 154: 111, reaching a score of 3-2 in four series wins.

Due to the pain in his right knee, Porziņģis could not take part in the game, who thus missed the second match in a row. The basketball player underwent a magnetic resonance imaging test after the fourth game of the series, the results of which allowed the Dallas club to hope that Porziņģis’ participation in these playoffs was somehow possible.

“The magnetic resonance did not reveal anything that would have removed his name from the game the day before, as that is good news,” Carlisle said in a conversation with the media at the time.

Kristaps Porziņģis was already included in the application of the injured players before the second game of the series due to the right knee. The Mavericks team at the time announced that Porziņģis’ participation in the game was under question. However, the basketball player was able to play a successful enough game, with the Dallas team leveling the score in the series. The basketball player himself admitted after the match that even for him it was a big surprise, because the day before he had not felt too well.

However, before the first and third games of the series, the “Mavericks” team admitted that Porziņģis might not play because he had a broken left heel.

The next game in the series is scheduled for Thursday, but on Saturday, if necessary, the seventh match will take place.


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